Ode to Addie

From the ages 18 to 25, Addie and I were inseparable. It was odd, seeing as it was my father and not me who brought her into my life the day before I started college. I had my heart set on a blue Jeep Liberty (the ultimate teen girl dream at the time), but as… Continue reading Ode to Addie


The Girl With the Crooked Smile

It was snowing the first time I saw her. The diner was packed with elderly couples, teenagers on dates, gossiping old ladies, business men in suits, all burrowed together to escape the cold and prolong the mundanities of life a bit longer. The bell on the front door clanged and I looked over my shoulder… Continue reading The Girl With the Crooked Smile

Italian Summer

The house was completely silent. Not in a creepy horror-movie way, but more like a cautious welcome. It was as if everything surrounding us had stopped breathing upon our arrival, gauging our reaction. I was surprised by how powerful the feeling was. It carried a sense of déjà vu yet also felt completely foreign. It… Continue reading Italian Summer

An Uninvited Guest: Depression in the 21st Century

It has been said that silence can be the loudest occupant in a room. He is the most uninvited of house guests. You try your best to keep him out, but no one’s best is sly enough to catch him. Although you guard the door, you will not even see him enter. He’ll stealthily slide… Continue reading An Uninvited Guest: Depression in the 21st Century

Irish for the Weekend

I celebrated St Patrick’s Day for the first time in my life this year. With my Irish-American best friend. In Boston. Among the nation’s proudest Irishmen and women. Oh, and Conor McGregor was there too. Not bad for my first time. The idea first came to light when weekend plans for a get-as-far-away-from-work-as-possible trip to… Continue reading Irish for the Weekend


A 20-something taking it day-by-day, living off stories, and basking in the light of golden hour. I like to capture little moments on my camera, quote The Office, laugh at dad jokes, sing out loud in the car, and walk in the evening. I crave storytelling in any form (books, tv shows, D&D games, podcasts-you… Continue reading Kelly


Sunglass wearing brunette. Nurse by night. Dreamer by day. Firm believer in east coast, best coast motto. A little bit country and a little bit rock n' roll. Classic lit fanatic. Travel aficionado. Animal lover. Wine enthusiast. Chocoholic. Honorary graduate of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Enchante mes amis.